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UniHealth is the industry leader in healthcare job placements with thousands of opportunities all across the United States. We specialize in finding the best suitable and highest paying assignments in all healthcare settings. Contacts us today to get started!

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"Best decision I have made! With everything made simple, I was on my way to Boston in a matter of four days on a desired travel assignments that was so hard to find."

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"Would strongly recommend. Not only UniHealthcare made my life easy, they helped me find the right stay, the cheapest flights, and activies to do in a whole new city that I had never been."

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"Extremely glad I went with Uni. Incredible pay rates, endless openings, and the nicest staff that I have ever experienced. Two thumbs up!"

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"Simply put if you are seeking a job in the health field, join Uni. Working as a registered nurse, I have never made this much income until now."

Peneloper Smith

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